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Jerry Benjamin Carmona, also known as ETERVIDOS, was born on April 16, 1997 in New York, then he moved with his mother and grandmother to the Dominican Republic where he lived most of his childhood and adolescence. At age 14 he decided to return to live in the United States, but this time to the state of New Jersey.

Already used to the changes in his life and the fact that his priority was survival, he developed an ability to see things differently, using a good sense of humor to be able to cope with all kinds of situations. This is why with his experience, that of his friends and acquaintances, he begins to record videos parodying all kinds of everyday situations with his unique style of speaking and acting, where he became an instant sensation in the public of his social platforms such as instagram and Tik Tok where in a short time it reached thousands of followers and has become one of the influencers with the most followers and reach in this year 2020.

Currently, he continues to travel the United States recording content for his followers and brands or products that hire him. It is also in the process of many new artistic projects for 2021 by the prestigious company GLAD Empire.

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