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Giovannie Piñeiro Santiago, better known as Giovakartoons, was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico on September 13, 1994 and was raised in the town of Canóvanas.


From a very young age he showed an interest in the arts, where he began to develop in the musical environment since he has a harmonious voice with a very distinct sound that was very popular in the urban music market. Over time, urban artist Alex Rose invited him to be part of his work team, giving him the opportunity to become an official chorister, achieving his long-awaited dream of singing around the world and taking music to places he never thought to visit.


During his experience as a chorister and in the middle of his journey around the world as part of the tours, he discovered his passion for comedy, since in the midst of high stress situations, that helped the whole team to relax and improve the environment where they were.

This is why he began his character as Giovakartoon, using it as a symbol of this new artistic stage, where he undertook the task of developing his ability to personify everyday situations with a sense of humor.

Giovakartoon automatically received great acceptance on the Instagram platform, making him one of the most important Latino influencers on this social network, captivating audiences of all ages with his occurrences and videos recorded daily.

Today he continues with his famous funny and risky concepts in his videos recorded around the world with the most sought-after artists and personalities of the moment, achieving a millionaire reach in all his publications and at the same time process of many new projects for 2021 of the hand of the prestigious company GLAD Empire.

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